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Franklin Servan-Schreiber

CEO - co-founder
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Franklin Servan-Schreiber is a committed entrepreneur. Between 2014 and 2017, he was a volunteer with the Race for Water foundation, striving to raise awareness about plastic pollution of the Oceans. During his world tour he was struck by the severe impact pollution from human activity is having on our planet, but especially the impact that warming had on marine life. His priority became to fight climate change in whatever capacity he could. In 2018 he visited CERN and learned about research on a new way to produce carbon-free energy while "burning" nuclear waste. This was the beginning of the TRANSMUTEX adventure. 

He was amazed at how far the work has progressed through experiments carried out over 20 years at CERN, a magnificent fundamental research institution that united the world of Physics beyond politics. To bring an idea like this to life, you need the right team and financing. 

This will be Franklin's role in this epic adventure, because this is not a project like any other — it is the adventure of a lifetime. CERN does not have the same vocation as certain large American institutions to promote industrial projects, yet it is one of the finest research and experimentation institution in the world. Europe must be able to use this fabulous resource, that was Franklin's conviction.

Previously Franklin had a wide range of experiences that prepared him for Transmutex, working in Japan and learning to read and write Japanese, establishing the user-interface group for Sony Research Laboratory in New York, serving as the IOC's communications director in the midst of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics scandal from 1999 to 2001, then moving on to establishing a software start-up in Paris before dropping everything to help care of his ailing elder brother, David, who died of cancer in 2011. 

In September 2016, Franklin Servan-Schreiber published his first book, Four Brothers, One Friend and the Search for the Meaning of Life, as he sought to find purpose after the death of his brother.

The intersection of all these very diverse experiences gave rise to his conviction that the climate crisis should mobilize all our resources, creativity and drive. The energy sector is at the nexus of the climate issue.


Technology Consultant, B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, M.S. Political Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

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