Reinventing Nuclear Energy, Waste, Medicine

Who we are

Transmutex is an engineering company producing designs and softwares for an accelerator-powered technology that turns existing nuclear waste into clean energy and produces radioisotopes for medical and industrial applications.


We have developed an entirely new technology applicable to nuclear energy, nuclear waste and nuclear medicine.


Transmutex offers a system that efficiently generates energy to be used as process and district heat or in the form of electricity and hydrogen in a safe, proliferation-resistant and environmentally friendly mode.


Transmutex offers a solution to drastically reduce the volume and radiotoxicity of long-lived nuclear waste. Instead of half a million years, nuclear waste will decay in less than 500 years thus significantly changing conditions for deep geological storage.


Transmutex will significantly accelerate the development of radionuclides used for the diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancer by making them available from nuclear waste (Cesium-137) and creating them through irradiation with its proton accelerator.

Our team is composed of about 40 engineers and scientists from three continents.



Nuclear is a necessary part of the solution to the world’s growing carbon-free energy needs.


We believe that human civilization, for all its faults, is worth preserving. We believe consciousness, for all its shortcomings, is what enables beauty to be beautiful and life to be lived with gratefulness. We believe our planet would be called Water rather than Earth if we had enough of a perspective on what’s essential for our survival. We believe the oceans are threatened by human activities, from overfishing to plasticpollution, but that the worst culprit is unchecked warming.





Transmutex tackling the high-level nuclear waste problem covered in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (English edition)

Neue Zürcher Zeitung
28 May 2024

Transmutex Presentation on Transmutation performance for the LoTi Association - English version.

May, 2024

Präsentation Transmutation LoTi, May 2024

May, 2024

Transmutex Software (Coupling Framework)

April, 2024

Preliminary safety analysis of the TRANSMUTEX sub-critical reactor using the GeN-Foam multi-physics solver

March 2024

Podcast on Transmutation. Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovations SPRIN-D Podcast no 73 (in German)

March 2024

Transmutex, la start-up qui veut réutiliser les déchets nucléaires (PME March 2024 - in French)

March 2024

Transmutex Raises Over CHF 20 Million in an Extension of Its Series A

AZo Cleantech
Jan 2024

Accelerator-driven neutron sources have many useful applications, as Franklin Servan-Schreiber and Guido Houben explain in the current issue of atw.

November 2023

Le Grand débat avec Philippe de Rougemont (RTS – in French )

Radio Télévision Suisse
October 2023

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