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Reinventing Civilian Nuclear Energy

Safer | Lower Cost | Non-Proliferant

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Our technology will produce lower-cost, safer and intrinsically non-proliferant nuclear energy via a non-self-sustaining (subcritical) reaction by coupling a particle accelerator to a nuclear fuel assembly. The reaction in our system can be stopped in less than 2 milliseconds for safer operation.


Thanks to its subcriticality our system is extremely flexible in the fuel it uses, including thorium, a common metal as prevalent as lead worldwide.

What we do

Nuclear is a necessary part of the solution to the world’s growing carbon-free energy needs. 

We have developed a suite of hardware and software products enabled by novel technologies to meet the global demand for carbon-free base load power.


We do this while solving nuclear's core concerns of safety, cost and proliferation risk that have held back the deployment of nuclear energy worldwide.

Carbon-free Base Load Energy subcritical systems capable of 220 MWe to 1 GWe+ with modular installations.


Radioactive Waste Destruction  Using thorium fuel, the system will not generate plutonium waste and can be used to actually burn long-lived radioactive waste stockpile from uranium based nuclear via transmutation.


Fuel Breeding & Fabrication  our system breeds a next generation of fuel at scale, especially for thorium based clean energy which will open an abundant global supply. 


High Energy Physics Simulation Software  high speed simulation of large scale, high-energy physics that is applicable to energy production system design, radioisotope production, radiation protection and more.


Radioisotope Production  particle accelerator can produce radioisotopes for medical imaging & diagnosis, cancer therapies, radiography, food irradiation, materials testing, among a growing number of applications.

Our investors

We are backed by top global venture capitalists and investment institutions.




4See Ventures

and private investors.


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