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Rafik Chaabouni

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Rafik is the Cyber-Security Architect for the Swiss Armed Forces. 

Multi-talented and multicultural, Rafik has the skill to transform Cryptography concepts into real world projects. His academic career started in 2007, at the Security and Cryptography Laboratory (LASEC) of the prestigious engineering school, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL, 5 in Shanghai ranking for Engineering), where he focused on enhancing privacy protections.


During his doctorate, he moved to Estonia to help establish the department of Cryptography at the University of Tartu. Rafik is co-author of 2 patents, the author of 5 peer-reviewed publications, and has been a reviewer for several conferences in cryptography.


After his doctorate, he joined the private bank Pictet in 2017 where he advised and enhanced their Cyber Security and initiated and managed their Cyber Defense program. He also initiated their journey towards a Zero Trust IT architecture. During that time, his Cyber Defense team won the 2018 Swiss Cyber Hackathon challenge for Enterprises.


In 2019, he has broadened his scope as an independent consultant and advisor in Cyber Security and Cryptography, and in 2021 he joined the Swiss Army as a Cyber Security Architect.

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