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What's not good about this broken record ?

We blew past CO2 atmospheric concentration's previous record last month, even when half the world was confined, 95% of air travel was grounded, and road traffic was nil. What gives ? System inertia ! Whatever we have been doing for the last 10 years is clearly not working. Solar and Wind are aspirin to our climate change cancer. Only new Gen IV nuclear and Hydrogen can give us a chance. Let's wake up to reality and move beyond green orthodoxy.

Link to NOAA data:

One year to date data from atop the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, far from any industrial CO2 source. We broke the record in the early days of May after two months of worldwide encomic shutdown and decades of hundred of billion - dollars investments in renewables. Time to wake up from green fantasy land.

The growth in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. There is not a single counter-argument left on the table that CO2 concentration does not cause climat change. Time to wake up from denial.

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