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Transmutex on Frank Thelen's Podcast

Franklin Servan-Schreiber, co-founder and president of Transmutex, was featured on the prestigious German podcast Startup DNA by entrepreneur Frank Thelen. Together with physicist Richard Buschbeck, they asked about the impact of the Ukraine crisis on energy, the safety of nuclear, and the future of energy in Europe. It was a wide ranging open discussion on nuclear and why Transmutex is well positioned from an investor's point of view.

Podcast is in English

Frank Thelen | | nuclear power without risk Transmutex


Together with Richard Buschbeck from the research team of 10xDNA, I talk to Franklin Servan-Schreiber, founder of Transmutex. Transmutex is developing a new type of nuclear energy that does not have the risk of an uncontrollable reactor accident, produces less problematic nuclear waste and can even recycle existing nuclear waste and make it less harmful by bombarding atomic nuclei with neutrons through the so-called "transmutation" and thereby converting them into other elements.

Transmutex Website

Post on Linkedin by Frank Thelen, in German:

Atomkraft ohne Risiko?👀

Die Angst vor einem Reaktorunfall oder dem produzierten Müll verdrängt bei vielen Menschen die Akzeptanz von Kernenergie.

TRANSMUTEX hat jedoch eine neue Art von Kernenergie entwickelt, die keine Gefahr eines Reaktorunfalls birgt, die weniger problematischen Atommüll erzeugt und gleichzeitig bestehenden Atommüll recycelt🙏🏼

Franklin, Gründer und CEO von Transmutex, erklärt Richard und mir in der neuen Folge, wie die sogenannte „Transmutation“ funktioniert und wie wir davon profitieren können.

Podcast Website:

Podcast YouTube:

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