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Transmutex is Hiring

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Transmutex is advancing rapidly, partnering with the leading research institutions and world-class companies in Europe and the USA to develop it's nuclear waste to green energy system. If you are looking to be part of a fast growing company with deep purpose, offering exciting engineering challenges, you can apply by clicking on the following immediate job posts. More will be coming.

Nuclear Chemical Engineer: Transmutex SA - Nuclear Chemical Engineer (

Digital Modeling Specialist: Transmutex SA - Nuclear Chemical Engineer (

Programing Physicist: Transmutex SA - Programming Physicist (

Senior C++ Programmer: Transmutex SA - Senior C++ Programmer (

Mechanical Engineer: Transmutex SA - Mechanical Engineer (

System Engineer: Transmutex SA - System Engineer (

Scientific Team Coordinator: Transmutex SA - Scientific Team Coordinator (


Transmutex is a Geneva-based company founded in 2019. We are backed by some of the leading venture capital firms in the U.S. and Europe to deliver a solution to the worrying problem of long-lived nuclear waste. Based on the innovative combination of particle accelerators and Thorium fuel, we are developing a breakthrough energy process that will be intrinsically safe, will reduce the stockpile of long-lived waste, be resistant to military proliferation, and be cost competitive. We have partnered with the most respected research centers and industry players in the world to deliver the first plant within a decade. By joining Transmutex you would be part of an elite team of excellence, driven by purpose and focused on delivery. Integrity, creativity and teamwork are our core values.

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