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We have built an entirely new method of energy production based on thorium, a common metal that is three times more prevalent than uranium worldwide. 


Our systems produce profitable, carbon-free energy via a non-self-sustaining reaction by coupling a particle accelerator to a subcritical fuel assembly. 

  • Writer's pictureFranklin Servan-Schreiber

Thorium and India, the perfect fit.

Amazing first day at the Conference on "Thorium for ADS and Power Reactors" organized by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai. India has the largest reserves of thorium in the world and some of the deepest expertise in this new fuel cycle.

India is the key to unlocking the full potential thorium for a safer, non-proliferant and cheaper nuclear energy without long-lived waste.

The Transmutex session was attended by more than 200 people, the auditorium was overflowing with interest.

Dr. Ajit Kumar Mohanty, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary to the government of India, honored us with his presence, interest and in-depth technical questions.

Thank you Dr. A.K. Nayak for the organization of a wonderful conference on a timely and essential topic.

We sincerely look forward to another day of exciting presentations, and discovering more than 60 posters from researchers at BARC on the topic.

The auditorium was full to hear the presentations from the Transmutex team.

Dr. Giuliana Calli Carminati, Advisor on Cyclotron safety, Dr. Federico Carminati, CTO, Dr. A.K Nayak of BARC, Dr. Ajit Kumar Mohanty, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, and Franklin Servan-Schreiber, CEO, at the conference on "Thorium utilisation in ADS and power reactors" organized at the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC).

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