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Quantum Computing Partnership with SoftwareQ

We are proud to announce a great partnership with softwareQ Inc the leaders in Quantum computing. Co-founded by Vlad Gheorghiu and Michele Mosca, both also professors at the University of Waterloo 's institute for quantum computing. Together we aim to reinvent nuclear simulation to be lighting fast and incredibly precise.

Doing great work with great partners and push innovation forward in the DNA of Transmutex.

From SoftwareQ:

"softwareQ announces collaboration with Transmutex SA

October 21, 2022

We are happy to announce that we partnered with Transmutex to tackle potential applications of quantum computing software and algorithms in managing waste residues.

We look forward to using our products and tools to advance waste research, and to make it inherently safe, free of long-lived waste, and cost competitive."

read here:

Transmutex and SoftwareQ are collaborating to reinvent nuclear simulation using quantum computing.

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