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Proud to be part of Ansys Startup program

Grateful to CADFEM (Suisse) AG and Ansys for their invitation to the Ansys startup program. Ansys is the most amazing mechanical simulation that helps us optimize our system design. The Program aims to accelerate R&D in new companies by limiting initial investments. This gives startups access to multiphysics simulation software to reduce costs and save time.

CADFEM (Switzerland) AG is an Ansys Elite Channel Partner and part of the international CADFEM group with over 500 employees worldwide. Because "simulation is more than software", CADFEM passes on its expertise to its customers through licensing, training and consulting. They offer responsive and efficient service. We recommend them highly.

For more information on the program follow this link: Ansys Startup Program Helps Companies Achieve Liftoff | Ansys

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