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Ode to Elon Musk and SpaceX Dragon

Ode to Elon Musk, in honor of the SpaceX Dragon Launch. In thanks for his leadership, his energy and the forceful demonstration to the world that public - private partnerships are the way forward even for large projects. Will Europe wake up and contribute significantly to the future of humanity or will we stand-by as the US and China determine our common destiny ?

Here is our favorite and inspiring quote on shaping one's future, attributed to Goethe:

"As long as we don't commit, there's no doubt,

the possibility of retraction remains and ineffectiveness prevails.

When we become fully engaged,

providence is on the move.

All kinds of things come to our aid

that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

There's a whole stream of events arising from commitment,

bringing all kinds of unexpected incidents,

meetings and material help that no one could have foreseen.

No matter what you do or dream of doing,


Audacity has its genius, its power, its magic."

Goethe and/or William Hutchinson Murray

Translated by Transmutex. #spacex #elonmusk

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