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New Logo for our New Phase of Development.

Transmutex is moving on to its next phase of development and to mark that transition we are changing our logo !

Inspired by the Paul Scherrer Institut PSI fabulous cyclotron for innovation and performance, stylized as a flower of 8 lucky petals symbol of our aspiration for a clean-energy world.

Number 8 is the symbol of harmony and balance.

Number 8 symbolizes the ability to make decisions.

Number 8 symbolizes abundance and power.

The Pythagoreans called the number eight “Ogdoad” and considered it the “little holy number”.

We hope you like this new logo and what it represents. Let's move foreward together for a better world. Humans are better when they are optimists and love Nature.

Thank you CREADS for helping to find our new logo. We loved working with the CREADS amazing team.

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