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Media Coverage Update

It has been been quite a media coverage ride in the last few weeks ! One article featuring our Scientific Director, Dr. Federico Carminati, was published on Swiss Info and translated in 7 other languages !

Free Access, Links below.

""When a Nobel Prize winner asks you to work with him, it's hard to say no”. Federico Carminati, a nuclear scientist and founder of Swiss startup Transmutex, vividly recalls the phone call he received from Carlo Rubbia, who was then the director of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (known as CERN) based in Geneva.

"It was 1990 and I was a young employee at CERN. Rubbia asked me to participate in the development of a new type of nuclear reactor," Carminati remembers." continued....

Read here in English, below in all the other languages:

How a Swiss start-up wants to reinvent nuclear energy - SWI

Dr. Federico Carminati, Scientific Director, Transmutex

Spanish: Una empresa suiza pretende reinventar la energía nuclear - SWI

French: Une start-up suisse s’ingénie à réinventer l’énergie nucléaire - SWI

Italian: Una start-up svizzera vuole reinventare l'energia nucleare - SWI

Portuguese: Um startup suíça quer reinventar a energia nuclear - SWI

Russian: Швейцарский стартап планирует заново изобрести ядерную энергетику - SWI

Chinese: 瑞士初创企业希望“改造”核能 - SWI

Arabic: شركة سويسرية ناشئة تتطلّع إلى إعادة اختراع الطاقة النووية - SWI

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