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"Innovation is the most powerful of our renewable ressources"

That statement from Professor Carlo Rubbia at the Israel Academy of Science in 1998 is more relevant today than ever. The International Energy Agency recently released report comes to the same conclusion more than 20 years later and clearly explains how current energy technologies will not suffice to effectively fight climate change.

"Without a major acceleration in clean energy innovation, net-zero emissions targets will not be achievable." sates International Energy Agency (IEA). Renewables are great but won't be nearly sufficient to stop CO2 level continuous rise.

Transmutex is aiming for a breakthrough in carbon-free nuclear energy, combining two technical fields that barely communicate with each other but should: particle accelerators and nuclear reactors. The world needs to dare innovation, think outside the box, mix different ideas in new ways. We're doing our part.

IEA report here:

Thank you for the beautiful image.

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