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We have built an entirely new method of energy production based on thorium, a common metal that is three times more prevalent than uranium worldwide. 


Our systems produce profitable, carbon-free energy via a non-self-sustaining reaction by coupling a particle accelerator to a subcritical fuel assembly. 

  • Writer's pictureFranklin Servan-Schreiber

Giving the gift of life saving to shut down Nuclear Power Plants.

Wonderful visit of our engineering team to Isar2 in Germany, one of the last three NPPs that went off-grid last April. Like the other two NPPs of the Siemens Konvoi series, Emsland and Neckarwestheim 2, an ideal site for producing medical radioisotopes for cancer treatment by safely and efficiently burning Germany’s long-lived nuclear waste in an accelerator-driven system. A big thank you to Preussen Elektra's CEO Dr. Guido Knott, Isar site director Carsten Müller and their excellent teams for their hospitality!

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