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Enabling a New Civilization

Wood to Coal, which means medieval to industrial civilization, was a 2x improvement in energy density.

Coal to Nuclear Fission is a 3,000,000x improvement in energy density.

If a 2x improvement can deliver us the abolition of slavery, the end of child labor, the empowerment of women, free and universal education, amazing improvements in life expectancy, and fabulous scientific advances among which quantum physics and astrophysics, then what could 3,000,000x improvement in energy density bring us ?

Here is a great short talk (1:30 min) by the great Nicholas Negroponte, legendary director of the MIT Media Lab, stating the obvious about nuclear fission:

"There are hundreds of wild ideas that we should explore in.

And to me, the wild is the most important, even though the longest and most maligned is nuclear.

There is no other solution.

Yes, we can damn things up. Yes, we can invent ways to collect more solar. Yes, we can invent battery systems. Yes, we can do these, but nuclear is staring us in the face. "

Nothing is perfect, but the potential of Nuclear Fission is so transformative that we cannot leave it on the wayside overwhelmed by ideologies. Nuclear Fission is the most advanced, the most ready to scale, the most energy dense, CO2 free energy available. Let's deal with the obvious issues to which there are solutions, let's make it happen.

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