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We have built an entirely new method of energy production based on thorium, a common metal that is three times more prevalent than uranium worldwide. 


Our systems produce profitable, carbon-free energy via a non-self-sustaining reaction by coupling a particle accelerator to a subcritical fuel assembly. 

  • Writer's pictureFranklin Servan-Schreiber

China's other virus: coal

China is building as much NEW coal-fire electricity capacity than the US currently has TOTAL: 250 GW of new capacity of China vs. 256 GW of total capacity for the USA.

"China has 249.6 gigawatts of coal-fired power capacity either under construction or in planning, according to Global Energy Monitor and the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air – which is larger than the current coal fleets of the United States or India. In this year alone, China permitted 17.0GW of coal-fired power for construction, more than the previous two years combined, and the power sector has proposed some 40GW of new coal plants, the two groups said in a report in June." South China Morning Post - 2020 July 21

Europeans can pedal on their bicycles, we're not going to make a dent in CO2 concentration unless China, now the largest emitter, gets onboard the Carbon-free train. Our single-minded focus should not be installing subsidized and ugly wind turbines throughout our countryside, but to invent truly revolutionary energy technologies for the whole world to adopt. Europe needs to recover its MOJO and lead innovation!

Transmutex is doing its part with transnational collaboration and daring ideas in the nuclear field.

China has 249.6 gigawatts of coal-fired capacity either under construction or in planning

A coal-burning power plant in Shanxi. Credit: Natalie Behring/BLOOMBERG NEWS

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