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We have built an entirely new method of energy production based on thorium, a common metal that is three times more prevalent than uranium worldwide. 


Our systems produce profitable, carbon-free energy via a non-self-sustaining reaction by coupling a particle accelerator to a subcritical fuel assembly. 

  • Writer's pictureFranklin Servan-Schreiber

By 2045 this energy source will be dominant:


OPEC projects oil to remain the dominant energy source till at least 2045, followed by .... Gas and Coal ! Who says renewables are going to be enough to reach carbon neutral by 2050 ?

"In 2019, oil accounted for more than 31% of global energy demand and is projected to remain the largest contributor to the energy mix to 2045, accounting for more than 27%, followed by gas (about 25%) and coal (almost 20%)."

Opec World Oil Outlook 2020, see "Energy Demand, table 2.1" as copied below

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