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Another - bad - broken record.

Last year we heard a number of pundits try to find a small silver lining to the Pandemic by predicting a reduction in CO2 emissions. That happened, but, unfortunately, it had NO EFFECT on the atmospheric concentration of CO2 as measured by NOAA atop the remote Manua Loa volcano in Hawaii.

We now have confirmation that even a drastic reduction in CO2 emission, 5 to 7 % estimated, if it's not sustained over a very long time, has absolutely no measurable effect. Another year, another broken record for CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. This has been the case since the start of measurements by the NOAA in early 1960.

Rise of CO2 measured by NOAA in Hawaii, far from industrial activities

417 parts per million - CO2 concentration breaks record this month despite World's lockdown

Link to the data.

How many hundreds of billions have we spent on renewable energy and bike lanes over the last 20 years ? How many more are thrown at the problem but won't have any more effect than the previous ones ? Without a breakthrough energy technology that changes the game it's not going to happen. At Transmutex we are hard at work developing an entirely new carbon-free energy source that could scale up fast. We are determined and confident in our ability to change the game.

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