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Massimo Morichi, Ph.D.

Member of the Scientific Committee
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    Upon finishing his technical studies at E. Fermi Institute of Rome in “Nuclear Engineering”, Massimo specialized in Reactor Core Physics simulation & modelling participating to ENEA-PEC nuclear reactor studies on reactivity transient analysis. Doctor in Nuclear Physics at University “La Sapienza” of Rome (Italy) and Certified Radiation Protection Expert.


    He starts his activity with the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics-INFN and the Ministry of Interior for the Chernobyl emergency, while he was Teacher at the Atomic Defence Laboratory on Gamma-Spectrometry and Nuclear Emergency Measurements.

    He worked on the development of the first nuclear measurement business unit of COGEMA (Eurisys Measures) and participate to build a large group integrating many Companies leaders in nuclear measurements technologies up to the acquisition of Canberra Industries in 2000 when COGEMA became AREVA. Appointed CTO-VP R&D launched and coordinating the development of many innovative nuclear measurement solutions for IAEA, DOE, DNDO, CEA till 2012. During this period, he was also appointed Group Leader of the AREVA Fukushima Project for the site remediation plan in Japan in support to TEPCO in the frame of the crisis support collaboration between France and Japan.


    In 2012 was promoted SVP-Director of R&D Innovation of the AREVA-Group, where he contributes to establish the Nuclear Light Water Reactor Institute in collaboration with EDF and CEA developing the AREVA set of Technology Roadmaps and many new projects for waste non-destructive measurements.

    He has developed with his teams many technological solutions today in use by the international nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation and realized many systems utilized by the IAEA Inspectors.

    He is today also Director of the international EU MICADO Project for the realization of the most innovative and expert nuclear waste characterization and digitization system that could represent the EU reference standard.


    He was visiting member of the Scientific Committee of IRSN (Institute for Nuclear Radiation Safety) and has been Board member of the Nuclear Experimental Reactor J. Horowitz (CEA Cadarache).

    Panellist, chairman and invited speaker at IAEA Safeguard Conference, STS-Kyoto Forum on “Nuclear Technology Trends and Future Prospective”, ANIMMA Conference, IEEE-NSS.


    AWARDS: Four International Patents related to innovative Nuclear Measurement Technologies.

    Former: SVP Director Global R&D and Innovation of AREVA Group (France)

                  VP R&D CTO CANBERRA Industries Inc. (BU of AREVA Group) (US)

                  Group Leader of AREVA  for remediation at Fukushima (Japan)

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