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Reinventing Nuclear Energy
from First Principles

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Intrinsic safety, "burns" existing long-lived waste, cost competitive energy.

Based on the innovative combination of particle accelerators and fuel based on existing long-lived radioactive waste, Transmutex is developing a breakthrough energy process that will be intrinsically safe, will reduce the stockpile of long-lived waste, is resistant to military proliferation, and will be cost competitive.

Nuclear energy is a million times more dense than any other, it is carbon free, runs day and night, irrespective of geography or the weather. It could provide enough carbon-free energy for centuries to come. Let's rethink everything, let's challenge every accepted principle, let's innovate.  
It's time to reinvent nuclear energy from first principles, to make it inherently safe, free of long-lived waste, and cost competitive. We have partnered with the most respected research centers and industry players in the world to deliver a pilot plant within a decade. 
Beyond Fission and Fusion, the new nuclear is TRANSMUTATION.

A revolutionary technology

Transmutex differs from conventional nuclear reactors in that it is not based on a self-sustaining chain reaction. Rather, the core is engineered to be subcritical, which makes a runaway thermal reaction impossible by design.

The key technical piece of the technology is the use of a proton accelerator to generate a high-intensity neutron source that induces the transmutation of thorium into the isotope of uranium (U-233) which in turn produces an immense amount of energy as it breaks up.

The process burns existing long-lived waste together with thorium, leaving only an infinitesimal amount in the end. Moreover, as soon as the accelerator stops the transmutation reaction stops, making safety a core characteristic of the system. 

Who we are

Our team is composed of physicists, computer scientists, and environmentalists.
Our ambition is as great as climate change is urgent. 

What we do

Questions and quick answers about Transmutex's vision, project, philosophy, and technology
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