Lionel Bordeaux

Consultant - Communications and Institutional Relations
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During a 2014 visit with a vegan community on the island of Yakushima, Japan, Lionel decided the  environment would become an important part of his life. On those quiet nights, he read Clive Hamilton's book, Requiem for a Species. He was taking a break after 20 years of political communications with the French Prime Minister, the Urban Minister, and the then Mayor of Paris (2002-2014), where he would eventually become Deputy Director of Communications.

His political ties and his passion for the environment intertwined during the COP21 meeting in Paris in 2015, where he joined the organization and negotiations team as Deputy Secretary General in charge of communication and partnerships. This was an intense and instructive experience that led him to turn the page on his career as a political aide and become an entrepreneur and environmental consultant.

Lionel has been a friend of Franklin's since the Paris bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, on which they both worked. When Franklin talked to him about inventing a new way to produce energy without carbon emissions by correcting the shortcomings of the current nuclear power system (waste disposal and accident risk), Lionel jumped into the adventure and worked in particular to make Transmutex known to French public decision-makers, while ensuring part of its communications strategy.


For the past two years, Lionel  has been developing a project for an "organic" football to be used as in the World Cup in Qatar, which looks set to be the least environmentally friendly edition since the World Cup was created by a Frenchman in 1930: "Couldn't we be funnier?" as Ernst Lubitsch, Lionel's favorite director, used to say.