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François Plewinski

Consultant - Nuclear Reactor Technology
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"It's fascinating to see an adventure as it is launched from the start." This is one of the reasons why François wanted to take part in the Transmutex journey. He advises the team t guide them toward success in industrializing the project and transforming science into services. His experience in the operation of nuclear reactors and the design of spallation targets perfectly complements the team. 

He has already had the opportunity to participate in a complex project like ITER, working on the anti-seismic doctrine for nuclear buildings, supervising the seismic design rules for the buildings. But it was his 6 years spent at the European Spallation Source (ESS), a multi-disciplinary research facility based on the world's most powerful neutron source, that made him so important to the project. There he was the leader of the design team for Target Station, with at its heart the spallation target, one of the key elements of the TMX START reactor. His long experience with these issues is a real asset to the project.
When he has some time, he will take up scuba diving again, one of those rare activities  when emails, Zoom, WhatsApp, Teams, Webex, and the like are completely neutralized.

Nuclear Engineer (Atomic Engineering) - INSTN (Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires - Saclay) - Neutronics, Thermo-mechanical, mechanical, CFD
First and Master's Degree in Physics - Science University (Tours - F) - Neutronics, Thermo-mechanical, mechanical, maths, energy, computing.

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