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Dorothee Baumann-Pauly, Ph.D.

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The success of an adventure depends on the different perspectives from which you approach it. Dorothée Bauman Pauly is a great defender of human rights. What would environmental progress be worth if it were achieved at the expense of human beings? Dorothee's participation on the board of directors inscribes respect for human rights into the DNA of Transmutex.

Dorothee is an economist who goes in the field to better understand the forces at play.  She has traveled extensively in Congo to understand cobalt mining, one of the 8 major cobalt producing countries in the world. This has made her very aware of the supply chain of the digital and environmental revolution that is underway. Cobalt is used to manufacture magnets for wind turbines, but also and above all in the cathodes of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, which are becoming the new normal.  In Congo, Dorothee explains, "We offer all stakeholders a safe space to discuss how to best integrate human rights standards in the Congolese cobalt mining industry and make recommendations that are supported by our independent analyses."

Dorothee fights to ensure that human rights and business led to the foundation of in 2019 of The Geneva Center for Business and Human Rights (GCBHR). It is the first business and human rights center within a business school in Europe. The GCBHR educates future business leaders and supports companies in developing business models that align profits and human rights principles.

Standing at the intersection between education, research and business, Dorothee is also Director of research at the Center for business and Human Rights, NYU Stern School of business since 2013 and has also been a lecturer at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) since 2010. 

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