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Reinventing Civilian Nuclear Energy

Safe | Waste-Negative | Non-Proliferant

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We have built an entirely new method of energy production based on thorium, a common metal that is three times more prevalent than uranium worldwide. 


Our systems produce profitable, carbon-free energy via a non-self-sustaining reaction by coupling a particle accelerator to a subcritical fuel assembly. 


Nuclear is a necessary part of the solution to the world’s growing clean energy needs. 

We have developed a suite of hardware and software products enabled by novel technologies to meet the global demand for clean base load power.


We do this while solving nuclear's core concerns of safety, long-lived radioactive waste, and proliferation risk that traditionally led to high-costs of deployment.

Clean Base Load Energy subcritical thorium systems capable of 100 MWe to 1 GWe+ with modular installations.


Radioactive Waste Destruction  our thorium reactors do not produce plutonium and can be used to eliminate long-lived radioactive waste from uranium based nuclear via transmutation.


Fuel Breeding & Fabrication  our systems breed fuel at scale for existing uranium-based reactors from abundant thorium deposits to avoid complex supply chains.


High Energy Physics Simulation Software  high speed simulation of large scale, high-energy physics that is applicable to nuclear reactor design, radioisotope production, astrophysics studies and more.


Radioisotope Production  particle accelerator can produce radioisotopes for medical imaging & diagnosis, cancer therapies, radiography, food irradiation, materials testing, and more.

Partners &


Our development and commercialization has been accelerated via partnerships with top international organizations.


Paul Scherrer Institute  Cyclotron

Ansaldo Nucleare  Reactor Vessel

CERN & EPFL  Simulation Software

Argonne National Laboratories  Fuel Recycling

We are backed by top global venture capitalists and investment institutions.


Hardware Club


4See Ventures

and more...


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